Encore Today

Encore is proud of its history and equally proud of its present day success. Everything we do, we do to the highest possible standard and we are unashamedly ambitious in the shows we put on.  We try to present a varied programme with an emphasis on musicals freshly released from the West End.  We are delighted to have built up a reputation for excellence and to be highly regarded locally and beyond.

Encore also prides itself on being different, catering for the modern day amateur performer who does not necessarily want to commit to a single society. We recognise that people have busy lives and can’t always take on all that is expected of ‘a good club member’ and that rightly or wrongly, performers are attracted by particular shows and roles that they have always wanted to play.

So unlike most local amateur companies, Encore has no regular membership. Each show involves a brand new company, formed as a result of open auditions.  This provides the opportunity to cast the very best people in the roles and brings fresh blood, talent and energy to every production that Encore does.  Open audition information is posted on our website and via social media.

Our chosen way of working also comes with challenges. Without a membership we have no infrastructure for building scenery, making costumes or covering all the backstage and front of house roles.  We either have to bring in the necessary resources at commercial rates or rely on goodwill. We are always keen to hear from people who have relevant skills or just love to be involved in theatre to help out and support our activities and productions, even if they do not want to be on stage themselves.

Strangely, having no membership does not mean we do not have a family of people who just love being part of Encore! In addition to our Junior Theatre and adult groups, all former cast members join our Encore Alumni facebook group and many continue to take part in shows, activities and events at the same time as maintaining memberships of other local societies. We love to go and watch them perform in their shows and through our unique way of working have built up relationships with other societies for the sharing of props, costumes and for generally supporting each other.